Compressed Fibre Sheeting

KLINGERsil is a range of asbestos-free calendared sealing materials able to cover a wide range of applications based around a number of different fibres and rubber binders. All KLINGERsil materials are manufactured with Klinger’s unparalleled levels of quality control to meet Klinger’s high specifications. Sheets are cut into soft cuts to meet ASME B16.21 Standard and other standards on request. All Soft cuts are cut in Angola.

Klingersil C-4430

C-4430 is a premium grade compressed fibre material with exceptional compressive strength good chemical and temperature resistance. C-4430 is based on glass fibre with an NBR binder and can be used for a wide range of chemicals and applications. Available in 1.5MM and 3MM Thickness.

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Klingersil C-4400

C-4400 is a high grade material manufactured from aramid fibres with NBR, with Good resistance to oils, fuels, hydrocarbons and Excellent resistance to hot water and steam.

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Klingersil C-4450

C-4500 is a premium grade material based on carbon fibre with NBR binder designed for use with higher temperatures and pressures than the majority of calendared materials. The use of carbon fibres increases resistance to temperature related aging and to attack when used in alkaline services. C-4500 is fire-safe.

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