Our Philosophy

Vision: Klinger Angola as a dynamic facilitator of operations in the Oil&Gas industry in Angola, contributing to the economical and social development of the country.


  • Total production of materials in Angolan ground. 
  • Supply and assistance of high quality and internationally recognized products.
  • Development of infra structures.
  • Development and transference of knowledge to human resources. 
  • Strategical partnerships with nationail companies contributing to economical and social development. 
  • Increase of employees with angolan nationality.


  • Quality of materials:
    The business development trough several generations, requires passion for excellency. It is our daily resposibility to work in this direction, as our products are under a tight quality control system to guarantee the success of the operations of our clients and partners. 
  • Excellency of service:
    Technical service and pre/post purchase assistance by our specialized team. 
  • Sustainable growth:
    Klinger Angola is aware of the importance of emerging markets and has proven to be trustworthy when it comes to sealling materials and fluid control markets.
  • Social responsibility:
    We believe that long term social responsibility is an imprtant piece in the sustainability of our business and our operation, favouring the community we are in. In this sense, we are actively  looking for new responsible ways to interact with our clients, suppliers and partners in all of our channels.